Série By-Pass

Oil Bypass Filtration

For many years Racor has sold the LFS 800, LFS 801, and LFS 802 bypass oil filters. These are string wound filters that capture moisture and engine damaging contaminants. The heavy-duty LFS 800 series housings are dependable and designed for long life with many of these units still in service in the field, Racor will maintain replacement filters to service our valuable customers. The list below shows the replacement filters for the respective LFS 800 series housings. In addition to the replacement filters, the chart below also shows the complete superseded part number which in many cases can replace the LFS 801 and LFS 802 series housings with minimal effort.

Bypass Oil Series Benefits

  • Extends the miles/hours between oil changes
  • Saves maintenance costs
    and downtime
  • Keeps oil cleaner longer, reducing oil consumption and disposal
  • Extends engine life and “re-build” intervals
  • Keeps engines better lubricated which means reduced wear
  • Removes damaging moister